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MR Wagyu Ranch
European Brabant

Our First 100% European Brabant Horse

We are so excited to introduce our first 100% European Brabant horse. Vita is just a yearling but will bring so much value to our program. These horses have a great temperament making them perfect as a work horse. We had the pleasure of importing this amazing horse from Germany. This is a newer horse in the USA and we’re excited to help bring over solid bloodlines.  We have joined the American Brabant association. We have learned a lot and can’t wait to go back to Germany and find another one. Contact us for more information on availability of our European Brabant horses.

About MR Wagyu Ranch

MR Wagyu Ranch is a family owned first generation farm. We are new farmers learning how to create self sustainability. We are passionate about creating choices for the local consumer. We provide good quality locally grown beef. View our selection of beef.