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MR Wagyu Ranch

European Brabant Horse

Vita is a purebred European Brabant horse, adding immense value to our program. Known for their excellent temperament, these horses are ideal for labor. We were delighted to import this exceptional horse from Germany, introducing strong bloodlines to the USA. We look forward to promoting these impressive horses.

Our goal is to cultivate a lineage of strong, reliable, and gentle Brabant horses that will make excellent additions to any farm or equestrian program. Our farm is part of the American Brabant association. We believe that Vita represents the pinnacle of what this breed has to offer, with her promising potential and noble heritage. 

Vita walking in harness
Stay tuned for updates on Vita’s progress and announcements about future imports. We are eager to share our journey with you and invite you to visit our farm to experience the remarkable qualities of the European Brabant horse firsthand. Whether you are seeking a dependable workhorse or a gentle companion, we are confident that our horses will exceed your expectations. Contact us for more information on availability of our European Brabant horses. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community of horse enthusiasts.

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