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MR Wagyu Ranch
Cuts of Beef

100% Grass Fed Beef

Our cows are raised at MR Wagyu Ranch in Otisville Michigan. We sell our beef in whole, half and quarters. Price and weight are ESTIMATES. Final cost will be based on cow’s weight.

Quarter: $1,495.00

Half: $3,450.00

Whole: $6,900.00

We include delivery to butcher and butcher price. When your meat is hanging, we will provide you with contact information for the butcher at which point you can call with cutting orders.  Pick up is at the butcher. Shipping is additional. Secure your pre-order for October 2024 to ensure all your requests are fulfilled.


Whole Cow:

A whole cow yields around 400 pounds of meat and 120 pounds of bones/fat (mostly bones).  You can specify how you want your steaks cut and packaged, what size you want your roasts to be trimmed to, and to what fat/lean ratio you want your burger ground.

Half Cow:

A half cow yields around 200 pounds of meat and around 60 pounds of bones/fat (mostly bones). This cut would include both the front and the back half of one side of the animal.

A Quarter cow yields around 100 pounds of meat and 30 pounds of bones/fat (mostly bones). You’ll either be getting the front quarter or the back quarter of the animal. Please indicate which quarter you want.

Front quarter
The front quarter includes the brisket, rib plate (short ribs), shanks, rib (rib roast or rib steak), and the chuck. The chucks includes some smaller steaks and the remainder is most commonly cut as roasts. The shanks are usually either added to the ground beef or cut as soup bones. So you get a nice mix of roasts, steaks, ground beef, and the short ribs, plus the soup bones if you want them.

Back quarter
The back quarter includes the flank (steak), the loins, the rounds (eye, top, and bottom), the sirloin tip, and the tri-tip (steak). The loins include the tenderloin (called filet when it is cut into steaks) and the short loin, where NY strip steaks are cut from. The back half is mostly steaks and roasts (tenderloin and short loin).

You can also request cuts for stew meat, kabob meat, fajita meat, thin-sliced beef, and bratwurst.

What you pay: $11.50 per hanging weight
Hanging weight is the animal after harvest without the head, hide, feet, or viscera. Hanging weight varies based on the frame size of the animal.

Helpful Info:
20 pounds = 1 cu. ft. of freezer space